Independent Assessment Validation Services (IAVS) ensures you have the highest quality assessment materials for your RTO. At IAVS we are passionate about the quality of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and see assessment practice as one of the cornerstones of quality in VET.

Assessment Validation

We work with you to ensure your assessment system, materials and practices produce valid assessment judgements.

Assessment Design

Let us design quality assessment materials to suit your learners and your RTO.

Professional Development for Trainers/Assessors

Upskill your trainers and assessors to achieve the highest standards of training and assessment.

Audit and Compliance Advice

Select from a range of services to ensure your RTO is compliant with the standards.

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Our Customers Say

In our experience, Ruth is a highly professional, well-informed and very focused consultant. She demonstrates passion and strongly held principles about the provision of quality education in vocational education and training. She has an excellent rapport and credibility with our college practitioners because it is quickly recognised that she has ‘walked the talk’ more

Julie McInerney Cooperative Learning Ltd

Ruth is the first person I would turn to for advice on how your RTO’s assessment tools and systems can achieve a perfect balance of compliance, usability, and quality.  As a VET practitioner of many years and a former ASQA auditor, Ruth offers a rounded-perspective that I find both more

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IAVS In 2020

IAVS in 2020

As 2019 draws to a close and the jingle bells get louder I wanted to…

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Mapping – Common Pitfalls

Mapping – Common Pitfalls

During my auditing adventures I see many different mapping documents, styles and techniques. Some mapping…

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Student – Centred Auditing – What Does It Mean For RTOs?

Student – Centred Auditing – what does it mean for RTOs?

ASQA has recently introduced a new audit model that focuses on the student journey with…

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Our Promise

With Independent Assessment Validation Services you can be sure you are on the right track to quality VET provision. Forget compliance concerns, with our support your RTO will surpass compliance and achieve excellence.