In our experience, Ruth is a highly professional, well-informed and very focused consultant. She demonstrates passion and strongly held principles about the provision of quality education in vocational education and training. She has an excellent rapport and credibility with our college practitioners because it is quickly recognised that she has ‘walked the talk’ at many levels within an RTO. In more recent times, Ruth’s experience as an Auditor with ASQA has taken her skill and knowledge to a whole new level and this is particularly evident in the excellent guidance she provides in regard to engaging in quality assessment validation activity.

Cooperative Learning Ltd (CLL) is a legal cooperative and a network of 15 Community Colleges in regional NSW. Over several years, CLL has contracted the professional services of Ruth Walker to develop and facilitate a range of research, compliance and/or professional development initiatives. Ruth has always provided great value for money in these contractual arrangements.

Cooperative Learning Ltd is very pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Ruth’s services.

blackwater-projectsRuth is the first person I would turn to for advice on how your RTO’s assessment tools and systems can achieve a perfect balance of compliance, usability, and quality.  As a VET practitioner of many years and a former ASQA auditor, Ruth offers a rounded-perspective that I find both invaluable and rare.  Best of all, Ruth is great to work with.  I recommend her to any organisation wanting to achieve true ‘best practice’ in assessment.